A Display With Legs!

Don’t worry, this back-to-school bulletin board isn’t going to run away. When I say it “has legs” I mean it can actually be an interesting part of your classroom for quite some time! To get started, use colorful yarn, string, or tape to partition a board like the one shown. In each section, attach a card labeled with one of your favorite things. Tell students a few details about each favorite thing. Then invite students to attach colorful sticky notes that they’ve labeled with their names to the display—one note in each section that’s also a favorite thing of theirs. The bulletin board quickly becomes a place for you to learn about your students and for your students to learn about each other and about you!

Use the finished display to pair students with similar interests, to incorporate student names and interests into sample sentences and word problems, and as a source of journal writing topics. How else might you use this display? Your ideas always rock!

Thanks for sharing!


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