A “Dino-Mite” First Friday Giveaway!

This month’s First Friday Giveaway is definitely something to ROAR about! It started with a pack of 18 colorful Expo dry erase markers. Then I went looking for a couple of fun books for back to school. Two dinosaur books would do nicely. Then I found an adorable plush T-Rex—and well, you know what happened next. He came home with me! So there you have it! The makings of a “dino-mite’ First Friday Giveaway. In fact, I think it’s “T-Rex-cellent!”

To enter for a chance to win, simply answer the question below right here on the blog before midnight, August 15, 2019

When does your school year officially begin?


I know teachers are DINO-MITE!


Congrats to Kathy R., the winner

of this month’s Dino-Mite Giveaway!


504 thoughts on “A “Dino-Mite” First Friday Giveaway!

  1. Ours starts August 12th. My school’s mascot is Dino the Dinosaur. Our kiddos are Dino-mite dinosaurs l!

  2. First day back for teachers – August 7
    First day back for students – August 15
    Frisco, TX
    I ‘dino’ know what I’d do without The Mailbox!

  3. My school year officially begins this Monday, August 5th for pre-planning. August 8th is our first day with students! Let the fun and learning begin!!!

  4. Hawaii’s State Dept of Education public schools officially start on Monday August 5 in the traditional schools; multi-track, charter, and private schools may have different schedules.

  5. We have an all district kickoff meeting on Wednesday, August 8. Students come Monday, August 12. Much too soon in this So California heat!!

  6. Milford, NY – Teachers officially report back on August 28. I say officially because we all know that teachers go back WAY before they are expected to report. Students start September 3rd.

  7. Teachers go back Monday, August 5. Students return Tuesday, August -3.
    I teach in a small School in North Florida.

  8. I am in home childcare and I am all year round. But we really start focus on school readiness in the fall. Summer we still have curriculum but more relaxed. 🙂

  9. September 2 in Northern New Jersey!! But let’s face it once we get the “all clear” I’ll be back in next week to start prepping.

  10. The Elementary Staff goes back-to-school on Monday, August 26.
    Students and Staff first day of school together is Tuesday, September 3.

  11. Eureka Springs Elementary starts Aug. 14th. Would love to win this wonderful giveaway!! Thank you for great resources!!!!♡

  12. Our preschool is year round but we officially start our school year after our professional development week right after labor day.

  13. I am a two year old preschool teacher… NOOOOOOO, wait, that isn’t right, I’m a preschool teacher that works with two year olds! Our official beginning is the first of September, but we are knee deep in dinosaurs right now and I LOVE these authors!

  14. The year officially begins the first day of school, August 14, 2019. Unofficially, most teachers have gone by the school already to prepare.

  15. My personal kiddos start on the 15th, but I work in another county and don’t have to start until the 19th. I get two days to myself while my kids are in school before work. SCORE!

  16. My first day back to school with kids will be September 3rd!
    I have a few in my class that would LOVE this giveaway!

  17. I feel like my year begins a few weeks before school starts when I get my list and start prepping. Officially I start PD on August 26 this year though.

  18. I already went neck but my students start the school year this week! There’s changes over changes coming as new administration has taken over.

  19. Tomorrow, August 12th is our 1st day with all of our students. We started last Monday, August 5th with a staggered schedule.

  20. In East Orange, NJ we can set up our classrooms beginning August 28, then teachers start with meetings on September 3 and Students begin at 8:25 on September 5th.

  21. We begin August 15th in a brand new building… teachers are moving stuff in and preparing classrooms along side the construction crews and subcontractors. It’s a beautiful chaotic masterpiece about to be unveiled! I’m super excited!!

  22. Teachers went back Aug. 5th and students will return on Aug. 15th. We actually have meet the teacher tomorrow night. 🙂

  23. My munchkin starts school on September 5th her first year of school it’s a bitter sweet moment. She absolutely loves dinosaurs <33

  24. School starts September 5! We’ve had a major building project going on this summer so it will be interesting to see him w can get into our rooms to set up.

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