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This Friday, September 28, is Read a Child a Book You Like Day. At first I thought this sounded a little ridiculous because why would you read a child a book you don’t like? But then I recalled the five gazillion times I requested my Mom read aloud a particular book when I was little. She later admitted to me that she really was not fond of that book. So I guess we do end up reading books to children we don’t like.

If I had to choose a book to read aloud for this day, it would be one of the following:


A Visitor for Bear
Written by Bonny Becker
Illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton
Why it’s worth a read aloud: Bear’s expressions and Mouse’s proper conversation will leave you and your students giggling!


The Monster at the End of This Book
Written by John Stone
Illustrated by Mike Smollin
Why it’s worth a read aloud: Students will feel like Grover is talking directly to them. For other books that break the wall between character and reader, also read Mo Willem’s Pigeon books.



Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories
By Dr. Seuss
Why it’s worth a read aloud: All three of the Seuss stories in this volume are worth the time you’ll spend with your tongue tangled. The hidden message in each tale is subtle, and the illustrations and stories will make everyone smile.


What book would you read for Read a Child a Book You Like Day?






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