A Crystal Ball Question & Giveaway

It’s August 1, and for those who teach in schools with traditional academic calendars, that means… Well, I think you know what it means, and I don’t want to say much more, in case you’re trying not to think about it. But, really, what teacher ever fully disengages her brain from thinking about school, the classroom, the highs, the lows, the ways things will be different next year?

Here at The Mailbox, we’re hard at work on the new school year. We’ve already released our back-to-school 2013 titles. If you haven’t seen them yet, I urge you to take a look. You’re sure to find plenty of helpful, new resources, especially if you’re teaching in a Common Core state.

Now, while we’re not actually talking about it (because maybe you’re not willing), I’m curious to know what’s something you’re looking forward to doing differently in the coming school year? Leave a comment below before 11:59 PM, Monday, August 5, 2013, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a free book from The Mailbox. Good luck!

15 thoughts on “A Crystal Ball Question & Giveaway

  1. I am looking forward to teaching math using a math workshop approach. I tried it a couple of times last year for one or two skills but this year I would like to use it for the entire year.

  2. I am looking forward to trying new technology in the classroom. With one to one computing, we will be trying lots of new things!

  3. In the coming school year I am planning on including more learning games during my morning circle time routine.I find that the attention spans are more content during this time.I use quite a few of the worksheets from mailbox to create a game for my three year old preschoolers to participate with since they are too young to have the fine motor and scissor skills to complete them on their own.

  4. I am a 2nd year teaching, starting in a new school. I’m looking forward to meeting different families and learning from all-new colleagues. The classroom I’m in has a SmartBoard so I am definitely looking forward to using that!

  5. We are doing a different supplemental reading incentive program with the kids. They’re going to love it, and they hopefully will read a lot more.

  6. I am looking forward to using iPads in my classroom to help supplement my teaching and make a more engaging learning environment.

  7. Since our fifth grade advanced math class (6th grade curriculum) textbook isn’t aligned with Common Core, our class will be creating interactive student notebooks – new for me as well as my students.

  8. I am going to be creating an online timeline with my class for SS this year. We will be adding events and people from American history as we learn.

  9. I am looking forward to organizing my room differently this year so that my literacy centers and other centers will flow better

  10. I’m excited about starting interactive notebooks as well in my ELA classes and having the students work on PBL projects. Our district is emerging into PBL training. We will watch the students work and monitor providing feedback. Totally excited:)

  11. CONGRATULATIONS, Gloria! You were randomly selected from all the comment authors as the winner of this giveaway. Look for an email from me today. And thanks to EVERYONE who left a comment. Your participation truly is invaluable.

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