A Cranberry Conflict

Let’s talk about a sensitive topic, shall we? Do you have a cranberry dish at your Thanksgiving meal, and if so, is it a sauce or a relish?  I bring this up because November 22 is Cranberry Relish Day. I definitely grew up with the relish as opposed to the sauce. My mom would grind up cranberries and oranges and add sugar. I have opinions about the gelatinous canned sauce, but I won’t share them here lest we end up in a cranberry war that defeats the point of this peaceful holiday. 

I know we all look forward to eating a tasty meal on Thanksgiving no matter which cranberry-themed food you consume, if you consume any at all. And that brings to mind this fun vocabulary worksheet—all the words include the letters e, a, and t! It’s perfect for upper elementary students. 

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