A Big Ole Plug

Plug can mean a few different things. For some reason, I immediately think of a hair plug. No, I don’t have any—it’s just my slightly off-center sense of humor! The big ole plug I’m making today is filled with fantastic opportunities for teachers. For example, $750 worth of classroom cash (yes, you read that right!) is up for grabs, a class set of 30 books, an iPad mini, and much more.


But here’s the deal—you can’t dillydally.

When you click the link below, you’ll be taken to my buddy Karen’s blog. Look over everything that is being given away and enter for a chance to win each prize that interests you. Then, before you leave the blog, leave a comment at the bottom of the page that tells what you’d most like to win. When you do this, you’re automatically entered in a drawing for a chance to win the two books pictured. Do this before midnight EDT Sunday, October 25, 2015!


Ooooh, I love giveaways!



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