A Better Teacher Dream

I write and edit for The Mailbox®–thus it’s been awhile since I’ve been in the classroom teaching little ones. Despite this, I still have “teacher dreams.” You know what I’m talking about. They’re the dreams/nightmares in which:

  1. The students are arriving, and I have nothing planned.
  2. It’s the middle of the school day, and I’ve lost all of my students.
  3. I have plans, but I can’t get one student to pay attention even though I’ve used all my teaching tricks.
  4. All the students are crying or throwing up…or both.
  5. The school looks completely different, and I can’t find my classroom.

But last night I had the rarest of all teacher dreams–the dream in which I am actually the one on the ball. That never happens! I dreamed that I had just gotten a new teaching job as a co-teacher in an early childhood room. My teaching partner, oddly enough, was my hairdresser. She kept ignoring the children and drinking wine. (This does not reflect on my hairdresser at all…my subconscious is a wacky place.) I took charge, and the students listened and thought I was brilliant! Seriously. My dream classroom was an awesome place last night.

Do you ever have good teacher dreams?


5 thoughts on “A Better Teacher Dream

  1. Not that I can recall, mostly it is 2, I lose my kids or can’t find my classroom. I recently dreamed I had a small, tiny, maybe 9 by 9 room. The room and school set up was back to the way it was in the 1980 when I started teaching.

  2. While I was on a beach vacation this year, I dreamed that it was the Welcome Back Open House night and I was still traveling back from the beach. I had to go straight to the open house in my beachwear. I kept trying to hide from everyone so that they wouldn’t see that I was out of dress code!

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