2 Ideas For Stuffed Toys!

My husband and I are cleaning out his family home with a plan to move there this summer. His mother passed away two years ago, and she was a wonderful woman and a bit of a pack rat. She saved everything from dishware to wrapping paper to t-shirts from her boys’ scouting days. Amidst the memorabilia, we found a true treasure—my husband’s favorite stuffed toy from when he was a young child. It’s a red dog that was obviously loved very well. My husband, who likes to affect a thin veneer of curmudgeon, joyfully announced, “It’s Puppy!!” (I’ll probably be in trouble if he ever reads this blog.)

Stuffed toys are so comforting! I had a frog, aptly named Froggy, whose presence reassured me when I was young. Here are two ideas for using stuffed toys in your classroom!



Encourage students to keep their desks organized and clean with this tip that features a catnapping friend!




Keep track of students with this idea that involves a stuffed managerie!




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