Students Love Slime? Give This Book a Look (and Win It, Too!)

Just released today, Billy Bloo Is Stuck in Goo is sure to be a real crowd pleaser with students who love making slime, gak, goop, goo, flubber, oobleck, glorp, or whatever you call it. Buried in the slapstick story is a lesson about working together—perfect for back to school!

Enter for a chance to win a copy of this book. How? Just answer one silly question: Have you gotten sucked into the slime craze? Submit your answer to this blog by 11:59 pm EDT on August 8, 2017. We’ll randomly draw one lucky winner!

In other news, here are some non-slimy freebies that are also sure to stick with you and your students:


Check out, which is packed with kid-friendly, scientist-tested activities. Get instructions and watch videos to create blobs in a bottle, a fantastic foaming fountain, lava in a cup, and yes, Bob’s favorite slime recipes. Click here.



Make customized math worksheets in just a minute at Select a grade or topic, choose a problem type and difficulty level, and you’re ready. Take a look.



Try out a virtual whiteboard. With Stoodle, your whiteboard has infinite pages, text chat, drawing tools, color, and more. Give it a try at


Off to buy more glue and borax,


21 thoughts on “Students Love Slime? Give This Book a Look (and Win It, Too!)

  1. Slime is so educational for the kiddos. I have a mantra: If they have to clean up, they’ve at least learned something…

  2. I just haven’t gotten into slime. I’m not sure why. I do like to use homemade play dough, however. It’s got a better consistency than the kind you buy in the store.

  3. My students and I absolutely LOVE making slime …. we’ve done it every time we read “Bartholomew and the Ooobleck!” SO much fun!!!!

  4. I haven’t tried the slime craze. I have wiped too many snotty noses if you know what I mean. The book looks really interesting though! I also grew up in the Nickelodeon slime era.

  5. I’ve made playdough, and I make a corn starch and water Oobleck every year, but I have never made the slime that is wide-spread right now.

  6. I’ve done “oobleck” during Dr. Seuss Week, but I’m a huge fan of play dough and silly putty!
    My students love Silly Putty – they love to put it on print and pull it off and see that it’s on the putty, they love to stretch it and make it into shapes, and it’s especially great as ‘fidget’!

  7. When my own children were young we made and played with slime all of the time. One day, however, they left the slime out of its container oozing all over my mantel. Unfortunately it had removed the stain from the wood and that was it for the slime for quite awhile.

  8. We have made a boat load of slime this summer. This time I made a recipe chart for the slime we made and the children learned a half of cup of this, a cup of this and a teaspoon of this.And they love to laugh at my drawings of cups and teaspoons.

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