100 Women Who Made History: Win This Book!


From ancients to contemporaries, this book is packed with remarkable stories of brave, creative, talented, and smart women who are sure to inspire.

Who inspires you? Submit a comment to this blog by Wednesday, March 14, to let us know. One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win this book—right in time to use during Women’s History Month!



In the meantime, here are some history-making freebies for you.


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Clara Barton, Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Queen Elizabeth I; it’s hard to know which inspiring women to pick. I think I’ll pick them all!



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24 thoughts on “100 Women Who Made History: Win This Book!

  1. My mom has truly inspired me. She had to drop out of high school to get a job during the depression. She stood on line for a chance to get a job which the 5 and 10 cent store which
    was only hiring two people. She was one of the two they hired. She went on to become a manager of a photography studio in Newark, NJ. That is where she met my dad who needed his picture ID fixed when it was done incorrectly.

  2. My daughters! One is a scientist researching leukemia and the other is an advanced practice nurse. Both work hard to improve the lives of others.

  3. My 5th Grade teacher Mrs. Werk inspired me, as well as my 1st & 2nd grade teacher – Mrs. Brown. Both of these ladies instilled in my early on the desire to teach & I always try to be the kind of teachers that they were – loved teaching & you could tell, even as a kid and loved all their students and saw the unique gifts each student had.

  4. Mother Teresa inspires me! She was unconditionally loving and forgiving, and made it her life’s work to help the poorest of the poor; the hungry, the lost, the untouchables, the dying. I hope to live my life without judgement, as she did, and to give back to those who need the most help.

  5. My mother inspired me. She was the hardest working woman I knew. We lived on a farm where she helped with the farming and grew a garden that produced enough vegetables to last all year! She still had time to sew, cook, and run me where ever I needed. From an early age, she inspired me to go to college.

  6. I always find Oprah inspiring. I’ve followed her from the early 80’s to today – she had humble beginnings but worked hard and has accomplished so much. I think it is inspiring to see the progress she has made and the impact she has had on millions of people.

  7. I always wanted to be a teacher but one my of my college professors was my inspiration to go into the field of History. She handed the class a paper a list of women’s and men’s names. She told us to look over the list and to raise our hands if we ever seen these names in text or heard anyone talk about them. Most of the men I knew and some of the Women I knew like Susan B Anthony and the women of the Suffrage Movement, I also knew about Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman, however there were names of others i had no clue of their role in History. After her class I made sure to introduce these women into my Women’s History month lesson.
    I even dress up as a few of them every March for Women’s History Month and talk to my students about these women that needed to be mentioned and remembered for their achievements in History.

  8. My hero and my inspiration is the first women’s marathon olympic gold medalist Joan Benoit Samuelson. Watching her cross the finish line in Los Angeles was something I will never forget. I may not be a fast runner but her grit and determination carries me both as a runner and as a teacher, to work harder and be better for my students and for myself.

  9. My mom has always inspired me. She encouraged me to do and become whatever I wanted. Even today my mom is now 88 years old but always encourages me to go for it

  10. I am inspired by the account of Elizabeth Freeman, a black woman born into slavery, that overheard men talking about “All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness” and she believed it to include her. Though uneducated, a slave, and a woman, she went against all odds and sued the state for her freedom and won. I am inspired by her unrelenting drive for what is right be lived and her simplicity that believed it be possible. What an inspiration. I am often tempted to give up before much lesser giants or shy back in fear and reluctance. I want to share in her inner strength, drive for right and be unreluctant to pay whatever price is heaped upon me for doing what is right.

  11. Eleanor Roosevelt inspires me. She had her challenges and yet she continues to inspire some of us with quotes like, “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

  12. I love learning about women in history who made contributions to our world that we never learn about and then sharing them with my kiddos in our school library!

  13. My Great Grandmother inspired me. She was the sweetest person to talk with. She and my Great Grandfather were married for 74 years before his death. She gave birth, at home, to 10 children, without any indoor plumbing of any type! Water came from a well. All but one of those children became adults with their own families, which was amazing for those times. She never learned to read or write but as an adult she was taught to write her name. and she also cooked the best food I have ever had.

  14. My mother is my inspiration- she’s a 91 year old cancer survivor who still plays in the bell choir (you should see her dancing away up there!) She has used computers ever since the UNIVAC- that big room-sized computer- and still sells on ebay. She cooks and bakes. And she has always encouraged my brother and me to do our best and be anything we wanted to be. Her love is amazing, and her joy is contagious.

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