Connecting with Your Kiddos

Happy Monday, all! This morning, a local news personality spilled the beans—summer vacation for students and teachers is more than halfway over. Whaaaat? Say it isn’t so! One of the great things about teaching, in my opinion, is the fresh start of a brand-new school. I like that “clean slate” feeling.  I also totally love…

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Classroom Library Redo on the Cheap

Here’s a little known truth about classroom libraries—teachers who have well-stocked libraries often have fewer discipline problems. Whhhat? Yessiree, it’s true! Kids get into mischief when they have time on their hands, but not so much when they’re captivated by interesting reading material. So how might a teacher get a gold mine of reading material without spending…

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Find Your Niche

I was shy and awkward when I was younger, particularly during my junior high years. My complexion was spotty, and it took me a good long while to grow into my face. Plus, I hadn’t really found my niche. Then, during my eighth-grade year, I joined the school choir. This is where I belonged, and…

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