Learn to Empathize

I’m going to make a broad and sweeping statement that I wholeheartedly believe to be true but can’t back up with fact: empathy is the most important “skill” children can learn. The current world climate, and particularly the political climate in the US, reinforces this in my mind. But next comes the question, how do…

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No Lunch for You

        Recently, I saw this article discussing teachers who take away students’ snacks and lunches if they don’t meet certain health standards. The school in question is in Canada. Out of curiosity, I googled “Teacher taking student’s lunch away” and came up with oodles of articles, many of them discussing schools in…

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Observe the Moon

  October 8 is International Observe the Moon Night. Take a few moments to gaze at our lovely moon, and encourage your students to do the same. Consider a few of these awesome lunar activities that also support writing and math skills as well as science. (I know it can be tough to get science…

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