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A day that I thought would never come finally arrived in the first half of 2013. I bought an eReader. Without disclosing the brand directly, let me just say that it comes from a huge online retailer of books (and just about everything else under the sun). And while it is more than just an eReader, it fails miserably as a viable tablet PC. Nevertheless, I thought I was done with buying paper books. How wrong I was.

As the holiday gift-giving season arrived, I found myself buying “traditional” books for family and friends as well as sneaking a few in for myself. My eBook purchases have been few and far between.

This got me thinking about the classroom library. And so I ask you, has your classroom library been enhanced by eReaders and tablets or are paper books still the dominant format? And how would you like to see your library evolve with technology?

Curious minds want to know! Leave your feedback and ideas in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Your Classroom Library

  1. My fourth grade classroom has been greatly enhanced by ereaders. We are a BYOT/BYOD classroom and many of the kids enjoy reading on their devices. I have quite a few students hooked up to one kindle account so when a new book is added up to 5 devices can access it at a time. This has allowed many more students to read a book at a time and chat about it. Our media center has invested in non fiction ebooks on topics of study so students has addition reading options besides just the textbook. I also have over 100 audiobooks available though audible and this is a great way for students to access books that could be challenging for them to read independently. If the title has whispersync available it can even highlight the text if both the audio and kindle versions have been purchased.

    Of course I still have tons of traditional books in my classroom. Some students don’t have devices, I already have a bunch of titles that I wouldn’t spend the money to purchase in ebook format and it is nice for “book shopping” to see what you want to read next. I also greatly prefer picture books in the traditional format.


  2. We use kindles in my classroom. But I have found we use it for educatioal games vs books. So I still use my traditional library more than the e readers. But even my own Kindle at home I use for games and other apps vs reading. I love the feel of a book in my hand.

  3. Our school doesn’t have much money. Pre-k through second grade are still using paper books. Third and fourth grades have a few ereaders that they share.

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