Yo Ho Ho!

Ahoy, mateys! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day and I’ve secured ye some booty. Arrr! Since 2002, Talk Like a Pirate Day has been celebrated on September 19. While some folks may not favor the day—it is true that real pirates are nothing to be adored—the day is a fun excuse to add some swashbuckle to your daily routine.

Need a bit of pirate lingo? Say “ye” instead of you (How are ye feeling today?) and replace my with me (Me ears can hear you!). Say “Ahoy” to welcome and use aye in place of yes.

Now about that booty. Below is a sampling of what you can find at themailbox.com using the search term pirate. You won’t be keelhauled or forced to walk the plank if you can’t get to the booty today. The treasure will be kept safe for ye.

Yo ho ho,

Cap’n Badden

PS: If your classroom floor needs attention, ask volunteers to swab the deck!






One thought on “Yo Ho Ho!

  1. The children love playing pirates and talking like pirates. I sent my son a Chef in New Orleans that today was talk like a Pirate day and he use it for his post he sends out for the daily specials.

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