cat-641474Across much of the nation this morning, 6 AM rolled around at 5 AM. Ordinarily, I’m a glass half-full kind of a gal. So I’ll start by saying I’m thrilled at the prospect of having additional daylight hours in the evenings. Yes, I am. This morning, however, I would have given away my brand-new set of fine-tip markers for an extra hour under the covers.

In my crankiness this morning, I began to wonder how a time change impacts students and their studies. A Google search basically told me what I already knew—students are tired and less attentive for several days until their bodies adjust. Some reports indicate that our bodies never adjust to daylight saving time. I’m not even going there. However, for me, it does beg this question: Could daylight saving time be impacting students’ end-of-the-year test scores? It’s just a wonder. Perhaps I’m crankier than I thought! What do you think (about the test scores :+)?



2 thoughts on “Yawn!

  1. All I am sure of is that my kiddos were so tired and cranky today. More tears and more actiing out. I hate time changes and I would think older kids do have their test scores affected.

  2. Luckily, we have been on spring break, so the students will have had a week to get used to the change.
    I wonder if any states take daylight savings time into consideration when scheduling their state exams? I do think that losing an hour of sleep would make a big difference in the scores.

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