Yabinga and Penguins

Blog-Penguin-2Today, I’m introducing the word yabinga to the teaching community. (Hopefully, Merriam-Webster is paying attention!) The word yabinga is an expression of survival, relief, and pure joy. In teacher speak, it means “Yay, baby, it’s winter break!” Go ahead and give it a try. Yabinga! Feels good, doesn’t it?

Hey, if you’re looking for a quick and easy penguin project for the new year, try this! Have each student glue a white circle to a larger black circle. Next, have the student cut a second black circle in half for wings. Provide paper reinforcers for eyes and orange paper scraps for beak and feet cutouts. It’s super easy and super cute. Use the penguins as you please!

Now back to winter break. When does yours begin?

Let me know!


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