Would You Rather? Play Our Game and Pick Your Prize

Maybe I have summer on the brain (who doesn’t?!), but I was thinking about the classic kids’ game Would You Rather?, which we used to play at summer camp. And that made me think that a quick game of Would You Rather would be a great way to do this week’s blog prize!

So here we go, it’s a llamas vs. hedgehogs showdown. Which of these would you rather win?


A Couch for Llama, the story of a family’s old sofa and a llama in need of snooze.




Prickly Hedgehogs!, which follows Hedgehog and her hoglets on their nocturnal adventures.

Llamas are popular but that hedgehog is so cute…. It’s a tough call! Which would you rather win?

Put your answer in a comment and submit it to this blog by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, June 20. One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win her top pick!

Enough with the tough choices. Here are some fun freebies—and you can check them all out, no decisions required!

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Llamas, hedgehogs, llamas, hedgehogs. It’s difficult to decide!


PS: Diane has her First Friday giveaway going on now. Click here to enter.

71 thoughts on “Would You Rather? Play Our Game and Pick Your Prize

  1. Prickly hedgehogs. I love them. I have a former student come back each year with her
    Pet hedgehog to visit with the kiddos. They are so cool

  2. What a tough decision …. both books sound amazing.
    I guess in a pinch I would rather have “A Couch for Llama” because my daughter works as a ranchhand and there are two llamas there …. Dolly and Denny, they are brother and sister.

  3. A Couch for Llama because time on the couch sounds heavenly right now – plus that llama is irresistible!

  4. I think I’ll go with the hedgehog. One of my friends recently got one as a pet. I enjoy reading her stories and seeing the pictures of her hedgehog.

  5. I think it’s a tie right now. Will llamas prevail? Or is it hedgehogs for the win? Too close to call!

  6. Prickly Hedgehogs! In the fall I read the Very Helpful Hedgehog by Rosie Wellesley. Prickly Hedgehogs would be a great book to pair it with! I am excited to read this book. Thank you!

  7. That’s a hard decision. I really can’t pick. They both sound like awesome books. I’d be happy with either. Thanks.

  8. Although they both sound like really cute stories, I would pick the hedgehog story. Our class sends home a stuffed hedgehog with a child each week for their “Adventures with Howie the Hedgehog” and this book would be excellent to include.

  9. I would definitely choose hedgehogs, I will be starting a unit about “Nocturnal Animals” this fall.

  10. I think the Hedgehogs votes are pulling ahead…. llama lovers, are you going to let that happen? 🙂

  11. A couch for llama, it just seems like a really cute book and the face he’s makeing has me curious to know how this story goes!

  12. I would rather win the Prickly Hedgehogs book. A friend of mine had a hedgehog and he was the most adorable little animal.

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