World Read Aloud Day

If I had to pick one thing that I missed the most about teaching, it would be storytime. I really miss storytime. I loved choosing good, quality picture books and reading them with expression and different voices. (Not to brag, but I seriously rocked an awesome read-aloud of “Yertle the Turtle.” Tangled up by Dr. Seuss? Not I!) I miss looking at those rapt expressions on my kindergartners’ faces.

March 4 is World Read Aloud Day! Check out this site for information and a downloadable classroom kit. Reading aloud to children every day promotes literacy, language development, and a lifelong love of books. And we all know that the ability to get lost in a book is magical!

What was your favorite read-aloud when you were a child?

3 thoughts on “World Read Aloud Day

  1. I loved There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly. I still love it, have the puppet and read the whole series to my kiddos. Love storytime. And My new favorite is Pete the Cat books

  2. Sad to say I do not recall being read to as a child. I think that is why today I am a huge book hoarder. I love to read to the children in my class, I love watching their expression, I love giving my students the love of reading and I feel ALL books are a blessing! I believe that if I can make a difference for me students by introducing to them a large variety of books maybe that favorite book will come to life for each and everyone of them.

  3. I loved reading the Junie B Jones series to my son. He didn’t enjoy reading when he was young, so I read chapter books that he enjoyed, Junie B Jones gave us some laughs and offered him comfort in listening to me read. He later did learn to enjoy reading and finds books that have a series and reads them all.

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