Winter Break To-Do List

Many of you have started your winter break and others will be starting it soon. Congratulations for making it through the crazy month of December! With super-excited children, lots of sugar, and a crazy schedule, I know that you’re probably both exhausted and a little twitchy. So what should you do to recover over winter break? Here’s my totally subjective list of options!

  1. Drink wine. (There’s a reason this is #1.)
  2. Read a book that has big words and no pictures.
  3. Lounge around with a fuzzy blanket.
  4. Sleep in.
  5. Nap.
  6. Work on a hobby that brings you joy.
  7. Get a massage (or convince someone who loves you to give you one).
  8. Eat cookies.
  9. Binge watch something (involve #1, #3, and #7 as desired).
  10. Nap. (There’s a reason I included this twice.)

Have a fabulous winter break!

4 thoughts on “Winter Break To-Do List

  1. My List
    1. Enjoy my family
    2. Finish shopping presents and grocery
    3. Shop for refinancing of my home
    4. Winter clean up
    5. Read, Read, Read

  2. Continue having fun vacationing and making memories. And going to different restaurants and French cafés and more shopping…

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