Win This Cute and Clever Book: “Take Your Octopus to School Day”


Can you imagine an octopus at school? What fun!

Who or what would you bring to school if you could? It could be a person, animal, imaginary creature, object, anything! Submit a comment to this blog by Tuesday, November 6, and let us know. One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win this book.


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I can’t wait to hear who or what would be coming to school with you! I think I’d bring a penguin, J.K. Rowling, and the world’s biggest pizza.


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30 thoughts on “Win This Cute and Clever Book: “Take Your Octopus to School Day”

  1. I would bring a Sloth to school because I think they are such an interesting animal and if it tried to get away it could easily be caught due to they are so slow.

  2. I wish I bring my clone to school. I would get twice as much work done. I could work with students and have fun while my clone does all the tedious planning, assessments, and paperwork! Bleh!

  3. I would bring a koala because I always share stories about the time I spent in Australia many years ago and they are fascinated with the fact that I held a real koala! What would be better than to bring a real koala into the classroom! 🙂

  4. I would love to bring a book tree to school. It would produce new and fun filled books for my students all year long!!

  5. i would totally bring a rockin’ multiplier machine so that everytime a student said,”Mrs. Barber” another one of me would appear. I could then flip a switch and the “extra” Mrs. Barber’s would disapppear until called upon again.
    Doesn’t that sound so good?

  6. I have a huge thing for all bears, real and stuffed. Living where I do, I am fortunate to see black bears and cubs so, of course, it would have to be bears. Pizza is a must too.

  7. I would love to bring a paleontologist and geologist to class. Most of my students love Earth Science as much as I do and it would be exciting for them to meet some of the important members of this science field.

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