Win The 12 Days of Christmas by Greg Pizzoli

This carol is baffling to kids (and adults)—six geese a-laying? Eight maids a-milking? Twelve drummers drumming? What? Why?!?!

Kids won’t care as they giggle their way through Greg Pizzoli’s new book. Favorite characters keep showing up, the gifts keep piling up, and Elephant and her family are baffled on what to do!

Okay, time to fess up: What’s one gift you’ve received that you didn’t know what to do with? Share a comment on this blog and you could win this book. Let’s do this quickly so that book can be under your tree; submit your comment by noon on Friday, December 22, to be included in our random drawing.


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I’m off to the mall to see if swans a-swimming are still in stock….


PS: Remember to watch your email to see if you’re our winner. We’ll email you to get your mailing address. The quicker you respond, the quicker the prize can get to you!

33 thoughts on “Win The 12 Days of Christmas by Greg Pizzoli

  1. Last year my aunt gave me a child-size Olaf back pack that she bought at Disney World. (I’m 48 years old & 5’10”. ) I left the tags on it and donated it to a church silent auction that raises money for its youth group.

  2. This is embarrassing, but I was given a beautiful crystal cake plate with a pedestal for a wedding shower gift. I held it upside down and thought it was a veggie tray with the conical thing in the middle for dip. The beveled crystal seemed perfect for keeping the celery and carrots from rolling around. I didn’t and still don’t bake many cakes pretty enough to go on the plate!

  3. One year a friend gave me a plain white dish towel and nothing else. It was really hard to be grateful for the gift when I didn’t know what the purpose of it was. I just ended up putting it in my towel cabinet.

  4. Once I received a set of bath and body products of which I hated the fragrance. I didn’t want to regift them as I don’t like to give gifts that I, myself, wouldn’t like.

  5. Just this year someone gave me a bag of spiced pecans that were burnt tasting. They apologized as they gave the gift – saying that they thought that they had left them in the oven too long.

  6. As a teacher, I’ve received some pretty unusual gifts but I can always find an organization that welcomes my donations so they never go unused and are certainly never unappreciated! Happy holidays!

  7. One time I got some small wooden tongs from my mother-in-law in my stocking. I really didn’t know what they were supposed to be used for or what to do with them. I stuck them in a kitchen drawer. One day she came to visit and wanted to use the small wooden tongs. She used them to take hot toast out of the toaster.

  8. I get lots of “best teacher” ornaments and because I feel compelled to keep them all I put them all on my tree every year and my husband and children laugh and say things like it’s the “best teacher” tree. I do however remember how I felt when I received my first one. I almost cried, because I teach in a city and my kids are really needy in many ways and it just meant a lot. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! I love The Mailbox! Can’t teach without it.

  9. I received a Very very large best teachers coffee mug. First this thing is huge if you drank out of it it would be cold before you finished it. Secondly I don’t drink coffee. I use it to hold scissors bi appreciate being thought of but that was a puzzler.
    Merry Christmas everyone

  10. My aunt used to give me gifts that were way too small. From shirts to pants to sweaters. Back then we did not have Goodwill or a RESTORE so I just put them away to give if I ever found someone to donate. By the way my aunt wore clothes tight and too small for herself, so it was her thing to do.

  11. Our school this year is doing a door decorating contest with a theme of the 12 Days of Christmas. It would be great to be able to read your story to my students! One year I received a tape measure from a student. I wondered what I was going to do with it, and when I asked the student, their reply was, “So you can measure how good we do in your class”!

  12. Before I went into teaching, I worked at a library. My boss at the time gave me a magazine; a magazine that was a month old!

  13. A men’s fragrance perfume with a very inappropriate word on the label for a class to read that I quickly hid in my gift bag with all the other gifts from my students. Luckily, they were too busy having too much fun at the school party.

  14. I am a teacher and I don’t remember ever getting a gift I couldn’t make use of in some way or other. I have gotten many coffee mugs and tree ornaments — too many to use for what they were meant for but always charished them because of the children who gave them to me. Some held pencils and other tools or were broken along the way but they were given with love and used with love!

  15. I’m expecting and someone gave me a jar of pickles and certificate for DQ. I laughed. I think it was a fun gift if not cliche!

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