Wild for Winter?

Winter, winter, go away. Please come back—never! Okay, that’s mean. I take that back. I do like certain things about winter. I love the comfy clothes. I love hot cocoa and all the other comfort foods of winter. I even like snow, when I’m safe inside and snuggled under a fuzzy blanket. Maybe I like winter more than I think!  I know I like these winter-themed teaching activities. I hope you do too!

What do you like about winter?

Warm winter wishes,


7 thoughts on “Wild for Winter?

  1. What I like about winter is the beauty and ingenious structure, soft as silk and fragile like flower petals are the CRYSTAL SNOWFLAKES.

  2. I love watching the big, fluffy snowflakes fall. I also have a collection of gorgeous sweaters that I can’t wait to take out at the end of fall to be ready for the first really cold day.

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