Why Are You Home?!

Do you have confused pets wondering why you’re home all the time? I have three—Ralph, Rufus, and Moose. They’re all orange cats. Currently their hobbies include taking over my “work chair,” trying to walk on the laptop, attempting to chew my mouse cord, and sniffing my lunch. I love them and they’re hilarious. And to be honest, quarantine would be very challenging without them. It’s helpful for my mental health to have these three stomping around and getting in my way while on lockdown.

Do you have pets that get in the way of online teaching? I would love to see photos of them!

3 thoughts on “Why Are You Home?!

  1. I haven’t done any online teaching at home but my two dogs Autumn & Buddy Girl have been happy to have Mom home for extra belly rubs and play times. My husband and son have essential jobs so there are several days a week I’m glad I have them too. It has not been easy staying at home and not being able to teach. However having these two around has made it a little simpler to get through those days I’m home alone.

  2. Love the pics of your cats! My cat, Iris, seems to have adjusted to me teaching from home but every time I get up from my computer she hops into my chair and has to be carried back to her spot.

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