Whoooo’s Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Yipes! It just dawned on me that a Valentine’s Day party in today’s classrooms might not include candy. Say it isn’t so! I agree that developing healthful eating habits at a young age is the way to go. However, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t think I can do Valentine’s Day without a piece of chocolate!Valentine Owl Holder

Another must-have for Valentine’s Day—for teachers and students—are Valentine’s Day cardholders. If you haven’t yet made yours, here’s one I think you’ll love. It’s featured in the Grade 1 February/March issue of The Mailbox magazine. Basically, all you need is a lunch bag, construction paper, scissors, and glue. Now that’s my kind of cardholder! Look below for directions.

Love ya!


Steps to make one cardholder:

1. To make the body, trace an unopened lunch bag on construction paper. Cut out the tracing and glue the cutout to the front of the closed bag. Then glue small, overlapping hearts to the cutout as shown.

2. To make the head, glue a medium-size white heart to a larger colorful heart. Glue the large heart to the body. Use small circle and heart cutouts to make two owl eyes. Cut a beak from a folded piece of paper. Glue the eyes and beak in place.

3. Open the bag. Glue the tips of two small hearts to the bag to make wings. Label the project with your name.

4 thoughts on “Whoooo’s Ready for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Hi Diane love the holder. We always use gallon milk or water jugs for Valentines day, Easter and Halloween carriers. They are easy for the kids to carry.

  2. Neat idea!
    I saved popcorn, fruit snack, and 10-pk size juice boxes this year. Not too big, not too small. Students used alphabet stickers to spell and put their names on the boxes. Then, they got to decorate them as they wished.

  3. I used a cereal box for my moose valentine box and a quaker oatmeal container for a penguin – not sure which one I like the best. I actually can collect quite a few quaker oats as I have a pet rabbit and that is his treat!

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