Who Plays a Musical Instrument?

When I discovered that today, November 6, is National Saxophone Day, I suddenly became curious. I wondered how many of you play a musical instrument. Research has informed us that children who learn to play musical instruments benefit in many ways. Increased memory skills and improved math and reading skills are three such benefits. The ability to persevere is another. Of course not all children have the same musical opportunities. I had the opportunity to learn to play the piano, but I didn’t have the perseverance—most likely because I wasn’t very good at playing. How about you? What’s your musical makeup?

And I have one more wonder. Do you know how many of your students play musical instruments? If so, please share.

It’s never too late to learn, right?



7 thoughts on “Who Plays a Musical Instrument?

  1. I play the piano as well as hand bells. I like the bells more than the piano.

    Since I’ve worked with the youngest students, I don’t think I’ve ever known any of them to play an instrument or even to be taking lessons.

  2. In elementary and middle school, I played the clarinet. I loved it, but couldn’t continue in high school because I wanted to be on the tennis team. In my class, I have 3 students who are taking piano lessons and 2 that play guitar! I love that I have musical students!

  3. I wanted to take guitar and piano lessons but my mom said she couldn’t afford the lessons for me too. My brother George took guitar lessons, and taught me how to play some Elvis songs and a few popular tunes he learned. My cousin Judy also taught me how to play some tunes on a guitar but l really enjoyed playing on her Magus Organ and learned how to play Silent Night really good. My dad bought me one the year l graduated eight grade. Dad and l would spend hours singing the songs l learned to play especially Dad’s favorite Christmas song Silent Night.

  4. My last name is Guitar, but I am musically challenged. However my son played the trumpet and has switched to the tuba this year in band. My kids, I teach, do not play any instruments. Way to go to my boy for giving this musical last name some clout.

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