What’s on the Menu? Find Out With “Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesdays”—Win the Book!

When a hungry dragon decides some friends look like a tasty snack, only the smartest damsels think to pull out the dragon’s weekly menu to see that dragons eat only noodles on Tuesdays. But then if it turns out it’s Wednesday, watch out….

So what’s in your lunch box today? Submit a comment to our blog by Thursday, September 26, to complete the sentence below and you’ll be entered in our random drawing to win Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesdays by Jon Stahl (Scholastic). Here’s the sentence:

Teachers eat ______ on Wednesdays…..

After that, snack on the delicious freebies that we’ve cooked up for you this week! Congratulations to our lucky winner Jacqueline Taylor!


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My lunchbox has a leftover sloppy joe, a jar of jalapeno peppers, and watermelon. No noodles for me today but then again, I’m not a dragon!


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31 thoughts on “What’s on the Menu? Find Out With “Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesdays”—Win the Book!

  1. Teachers eat whatever gets them through lesson planning on Wednesdays!
    Thanks for always doing your thing, teachers. You’re the backbone of America!

    • Thanks, Jon! (Teacher friends, as you probably know Jon is the book’s author. He’s also a former teacher so he KNOWS all about lesson plans, leftovers, and super-quick lunches.)

  2. My lunchbox is quite random today…a hard boiled egg, popcorn, and an orange. I call it the “No Leftovers From Night Before ” special lol

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