What Is the Shape of Your Summer?

You know what I always wanted to do? Teach summer school.

Despite the trials, tribulations, triumphs, and trickery of teaching an entire, standard-length school year, there was a sizable chunk of my addled brain that wanted to teach summer school. In fact, a few times I had constructed entire designs for a special summer academy at my school that would focus on creative writing courses, art projects, and math and science labs. Sadly, before I could even get these ideas off the ground in April and May, the cold reality set in. There was a dearth of three essential components for my summer academy: money, teachers, and students.

Therefore, my summers reverted to the expected child-rearing, smattering of trips, professional development workshops, and inevitable planning for the next school year. Also, lots of yard work. Today, I am hearing that many teachers have a different sort of summer plan. For many of you, summer means working a second job to help make ends meet, plus lots of other reasons to be at school planning, coordinating, integrating, and studying.

Help me understand what your summer looks like. Whether you’re teaching year-round or filling your summer in other ways, I’d like to know. We’d all like to know!

One thought on “What Is the Shape of Your Summer?

  1. Although I’d prefer resting, my summer will consist of working to make ends meet as you mentioned, and doing everything from creating workstations to attending professional development…oh yes, I plan on taking Spanish lessons on Saturdays and getting certified in ESL! As you can see, I’ll be busy as a bee!

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