What About Those Penguins?

January and penguins go together don’t you agree? Actually, next Saturday, January 20 is Penguin Awareness Day, a day to celebrate these unique and fascinating flightless birds. You may know that penguins are among the most social of all birds. After all you’ve probably seen photographs featuring hundreds of penguins hanging out together. However did you know penguins have color vision? Scientists have discovered that penguins are most sensitive to violet, blue or green. Very cool!

I just had a crazy thought. Perhaps we should ask Jan Brett to take a trip to Antarctica so she can write a a penguin book for us! Whatcha think?

Be sure to  check out the cross-curricular penguin activities and projects that are waiting for you at themailbox.com (CLICK HERE). And here are a couple of penguin jokes from me to you!

What do you call a penguin waddling in the desert? (LOST!)

What do you call a happy penguin? (A pen-GRIN)

Are you welcoming penguins into your classroom this year?



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