Well, I’ll Be!

My backyard mystery is solved! I’ve been stumped for a few days—okay, a couple of weeks. When I leave for work, the gate to my backyard is closed. When I return, the gate is open. I examined the latch. Nothing wrong there. I inquired with the neighbors. No clues there. This weekend, I caught the culprit—a rambunctious brown lab with a nose for latches. It seems the pooch is quite good at unlatching gates, something she learned by watching her owners.

This experience reminds me that observation is a powerful learning tool. I’m curious. How do you use observation as a learning tool in your classroom?

Please share!



2 thoughts on “Well, I’ll Be!

  1. I had to laugh at your post today. My daughter has a lab that can get out of any crate and is quite handy at unlocking latches! Observation is a powerful tool. I love kid-watching to observe their responses and to assess their level of understanding on concepts taught.

  2. Observing is the greatest way to assess children.
    I have a lab and they are amazing dogs so smart and yes can open anything they want. LOL

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