Weird, Wonderful Science: Win This Book and Get an Experiment for Every Day of the Year

Day 1, make bricks. Day 2, make a light bulb. Day 149, turn a glass of water upside without spilling it. Day 226, make a water wheel. The science just keeps coming with this information-packed book, which uses common materials and includes lots of experiments that kids can do on their own.

How can you win it? Submit a comment to this blog by Tuesday, December 4, to let us know your favorite science topic to teach. One lucky teacher will win the book. Good luck!


Here are some high-flying, gravity-defying, Nobel-prize–winning science freebies and contests we’ve run across this week. (Okay, maybe they haven’t won the Nobel prize—yet…) Check them out.

Calling all K–8 teachers! Carolina Biological is giving away two inquiry-based science investigation kits with hands-on materials for your entire class. To enter, all you need to do is share what you love most about teaching science. Enter hereHurry, the contest ends TODAY!



What is a glass sponge? How does sand form? The free National Ocean Service website answers these questions and lots more. You’ll find videos, games, projects, and all things ocean-related. Dive in at



Get a glimpse of our amazing cosmos with the Astronomy Picture of the Day. Images will awe and inspire your student scientists. Visit


Wondering why they don’t give out a Nobel Prize for the best freebies, hmmm….


PS: Speaking of prizes, our WIN contests end on December 1—and that will be here before you know it! Enter now.

19 thoughts on “Weird, Wonderful Science: Win This Book and Get an Experiment for Every Day of the Year

  1. My favorite thing to teach in science is ROCKS … my students LOVE the hands on aspect of this unit and being the mom of two Geophysics/Geology graduates, I have lots of great rocks to share with my class. A bonus is when one (or both) boys come to my class and work with the students on identifying different types of rocks. My students are so impressed and I am so proud … and there is a lot of learning going on!

  2. I believe children need to be outside as much as possible to observe nature so each of my first graders adopt a tree that is outside of our school. They name their trees, do bark rubbings, watch the leaves change and fall, or not, and write about their trees every month. They are always amazed at their tree information from September to June.

  3. I love the moment a child gets what we’re doing and asking for more. It’s that aha moment. Seeing the expression and wonder in their young faces.

  4. Oh my gosh. I love the look on the kids faces during experiments. My all time favorite is teaching about animals though. Love it

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