We Have 1,000 Glue Dots to Give Away: Will You Be Our Lucky Winner?

There’s nothing like a big pile of craft supplies to get the creativity flowing. Just imagine the ideas you’ll come up with if you win this week’s prize: 1,000 Glue Dots!

To enter our random drawing, submit a comment to our blog to let us know what you’re planning to create first. Send your comment by Wednesday, April 11, and you could be our lucky winner.

That’s not your only chance to win Glue Dots. We’ve just launched a super sweepstakes with Glue Dots as well. Ten teachers will win Glue Dots Creativity Packs valued at $280 each. That’s lots and lots of dots! You can enter that sweepstakes at TheMailbox.com/GlueDots. Let your friends and colleagues know as well, there are plenty of prizes to go around.


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I’m hoping to make some springtime cards soon, so I’d use my Glue Dots for that project. How about you? What will you create?


PS: The new WINs sweepstakes are ready at LearningMagazine.com. Enter here.

25 thoughts on “We Have 1,000 Glue Dots to Give Away: Will You Be Our Lucky Winner?

  1. I would love to create a special project that my students can do for the end of the school year (especially for their parents). It would also be my way of saying good bye for the summer.

  2. I am thinking of something that would be a retrospective of the current school year; something to remember our year by!

  3. Besides being a teacher,I’m also a painter and crafter. The children have made arts and crafts of beautiful colors to decorate the rooms. I’m helping my friends upcoming wedding by making all the decorations myself. Next project,a baby shower.

  4. My ESOL students are getting ready for a Cultural Family Night in May. We could put 1000 glue dots to good use because the students create crafts from their homeland to display.

  5. I could use 1000 dots to establish a classroom library where the students can borrow books. Each book needs to have a card sleeve in the cover and these glue dots would be perfect!

  6. We want to adhere eyes and black dots onto paper ladybeetles for our story time at the library, and glue dots are the oh-so-easy-and-not-at-all-messy way of handling little pieces. Mahalo for the opportunity to win enough glue dots for lots of activities.

  7. Wow! I didn’t know there were so many ways to use glue dots!! It makes me want to get SUPER creative with my kiddos, and what a PERFECT TIME OF YEAR!! Mother’s Day, End of the Year, STEM…the possibilities are ENDLESS! =)

  8. We need them to stick buttons on our Mother’s Day frames for decorations. Glue dots are better than the hot glue around little ones.

  9. Our 125th school anniversary is this spring! We are supposed to decorate our classroom bulletin boards. Glue Dots would be a great way to add individual student elements to our bulletin board!

  10. I have done childcare for 30 years now. I used the glue dots in my in home daycare and introduced them to my teachers 5 years ago when I opened our first center. We have used them the last 5 years and will keep using them. Glue dots are great for any project. They are less messier than regular glue and even the glue sticks. Its is also great for fine motor skills for our preschool classroom. We are getting ready to work on our Mother’s Day project so the glue dots would come in handy for all my classrooms. Glue dots are great for projects that include sequins, because regular will not stick very well and the glue dots are great for them.

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