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I don’t have any children, and I work full time for The Mailbox. So I don’t see children in the classroom on a day-to-day basis. This results in me not having a clue what is currently “cool” in toy land. What are children playing with these days? I didn’t know. So I decided to look it up!

Here are the Top 15 Christmas picks this year, according to Toys R Us. I thought I would see lots of outlandish options. But really, things haven’t changed a lot since I was a kid. There’s the usual assortment of dolls and toy animals, building toys, and computer-related options. (Granted, the computer options are FAR more advanced than they were when I was young. I’m not saying that we chipped things from stone tablets when I was a kid, but technology has clearly moved forward.)

What toys are your students talking about?


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