Tomorrow I’ll be Brave: Get Inspired, Win This Book

For a procrastinator like me, tomorrow often seems like the best time to do something. With this book, tomorrow really IS the time to do something—like being brave, trying something new, being curious, or being adventurous. And you can win this book!

To enter our random drawing, submit a comment letting me know what you’ll be brave about this year. Be serious or silly; all answers are accepted. (Update: Congratulations to Marie, our lucky winner!) Send your comment by Wednesday, January 23 to be entered in our drawing.


Bravely forge ahead and try these super-special freebies. You’ll be glad you did!

Share the joy of reading and inspire conversation with a grant from the NEA Big Read. This month-long community-wide reading program awards grants of $5,000 to $15,000 to schools that partner with a library, museum, or other eligible nonprofit. Get the details at Applications close on January 24.






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Encourage students to try something new and enter the EngineerGirl Writing Contest. Students write a fictional story about a girl or woman who uses engineering skills to solve a problem. The contest is for grades 3 and up; winners receive cash prizes of up to $500. Entries are due February 1. Enter at

I’m vowing to be brave about trying new things, whether it’s a recipe with ingredients I don’t recognize or a book I’m not sure I’ll like. Wish me luck!


PS: The January issue of Learning magazine is in the mail. Sign up for your free subscription here.

57 thoughts on “Tomorrow I’ll be Brave: Get Inspired, Win This Book

    • Hi,
      This quote might help. I’m not sure who said it, but Mr. Rogers used to carry it around with him in his pocket.
      “ There isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you know their story.”
      Everyone is worthy of love. The hardest ones to love are the ones who need it most.

  1. I’ll be brave about admitting that I can’t do it all. I need help and will be equally brave about accepting that help.

  2. I’ll be brave, maybe not tomorrow but this summer, and finally learn how to swim. That might be tough since I am REALLY afraid of the water. I take showers only!

  3. I will be brave and admit that I need to work to live, not live to work …. I will make living a priority instead of working all the time.

  4. I’ll be brave and try road tripping with my two little kids. We want to go on a trip this summer… from Texas to Colorado.

  5. I will be brave trying to raise my children in a world where things are so unpredictable, and I will be brave in teaching my students the skills they need to naviagte into their adult life.

  6. I will be brave and find time to care for myself. As a mom of four girls ages 7, 5, 3, and 4 months. Self care is difficult. I need to find more time for myself so I can at my best for them.

  7. I’ll be brave and continue walking into my classroom everyday, even if I feel I’m “done”. I’ll continue to try new strategies to accomplish my teaching goals.

  8. I’ll be brave in helping our community to see that home visiting is a first step in successful families which leads to successful students which in turn will lead to a stronger successful community!

  9. I’ll be brave when I need to speak with my parents about sensitive issues. Praying that I can get the message across and still have a friendly, positive open relationship with them and knowing how to “sandwich” the good and the ugly.

  10. I will be brave when the alarm clock goes off and get up instead of falling back to sleep, or I’ll be brave tomorrow.

  11. I will be brave and try to take a stand and say something when I see someone being mean and disrespectful to a fellow human being!

  12. I will be brave and accept I cannot do it all………….and be accepting of help as a showing of love and support and not to show me “I can’t”

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