Time Off. Time for What?

While the Mayans sure did a bang-up job creating a calendar that includes more cycles than last year’s Tour de France, they don’t seem to have been interested in clocks or predictions. What time will the world end, Mayans? Will the world end, Mayans? My feet are firmly planted in the Garden of Don’t Believe. I think I’ll go to sleep tomorrow night and wake up Saturday morning in the same old world I’ve been living in for over 40 years.

And then it will be on to the holidays and, for you, dear teachers, December break (known in some circles as Christmas break, in others as “a much needed interlude of peace and serenity,” and still others as Festivus break).

Back in the Mesozoic era when I still somewhat seriously referred to myself as a teacher, I looked forward to December break as a chance to do a few things: Enjoy winter weather. Enjoy my kids. Sleep an extra half hour every morning. Do some planning for January’s classes. Recharge my batteries. I think it was that last one that was most important.

What’s your primary objective for the December break?

4 thoughts on “Time Off. Time for What?

  1. I am hoping to be able to catch up on some much needed sleep, clean my badly neglected house, and read some books for enjoyment for a change. Oh, I will also be planning just a little bit for January.

  2. Using 2 weeks to re-create my classroom to accommodate CCSS mid-year switch, complete with implementing AR, a work-sheet free classroom, and focused data-driven instruction. Oh & I have the holidays with my family!

  3. I am using the holidays to catch up on housework and lesson plans. I am also planning a reorganization of my classroom to be competed by January 31st. I also catch up on much needed sleep to recover from the normal 12 and 14 hour work days.

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