This Will Make You Smile

Blog-RoscoeToday’s blog is a true tale. It’s a typical Monday morning. The kindergartener has been coaxed out of bed. Dad is helping her get ready for school, and Mom flies downstairs to throw together a quick breakfast of juice and cereal. The family dog, tail wagging, meets Mom at the bottom of the stairs. Then it happens.

“Aieeee!” Mom screams. “Oh no!” Stomp, stomp, stomp. “YOU did this?” Mom can’t believe her eyes. Torn to shreds, and I mean shreds, is her daughter’s carefully crafted 100 Day school project.

Daughter cries, Dad reassures, Mom worries. Will daughter’s teacher really believe the age-old excuse of “the dog ate it”? Luckily, the evidence presented to the teacher convinced her that the dog really did eat the project. The project was redone and safely placed inside the car so it wouldn’t be forgotten—or eaten!

Blog-HomeworkThe morals to this story are:

  1. Eating gobs of glue and paper isn’t a problem for a dog when there are cereal pieces present.

  2. Sometimes, the dog really does eat the homework!

Smiles to Mom Karen, Daughter Claire, Dad Barry, and Roscoe the pooch.

Smiles to you!


2 thoughts on “This Will Make You Smile

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