Thinking Science? Check Out These Fun Contests and Freebies (Plus Win a Book)!

The change of seasons always makes me think of science. So many topics to investigate and questions to answer! If you’re in a science frame of mind, read on to check out these terrific offers. Plus submit a comment to our blog by midnight ET on Monday, November 14, 2011. One lucky teacher will win my copy of North: The Amazing Story of Arctic Migration, new from Candlewick Press. Send your comment now! (Update: congratulations to our winner, Sherry H.!)

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Help your students grow as environmental stewards—and have a chance to win a free class trip to Disneyland! It’s all part of the Disney Planet Challenge, which is open to grades 3-5 and 6-8. Get the details at or click here now!

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Looking for a better way to teach science and literacy? Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading from Delta Education is a research-based, field-tested curriculum that covers both areas. Learn more about the program at (Hint: Be sure to check out the specific units, which include free downloads of the specific strategy guides. There’s great info that really gives you a feel for how this program works!)

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Free curriculum alert! Sign up to receive a Save the Songbirds curriculum for grades 1-4, sponsored by Scotts and the National Wildlife Federation. The materials educate students about the decline of the songbird population and share how your students and you can help. Plus one school will win $5,000 to help create the ultimate school habitat from Scotts. Click here now to sign up!

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With ExploraVision, students in grades K-12 combine their imaginations with science tools to create and explore technologies of the future. Your students and you can win savings bonds; Toshiba products; a trip to Washington, DC; a trip to the National Science Teachers Association conference; and more. The program is designed for students of all interest, skill, and ability levels. Projects are due February 1, 2012, so now’s the time to get started. Click here now!

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Have you begun collecting Pennies for the Planet? With this exciting program from Audubon, students learn about important habitats and the animals that live there. It’s easy to get started. Visit the teachers’ page at or click here; you’ll find free activities and a free Pennies for the Planet starter kit. Get your Pennies for the Planet campaign rolling today!

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Workman Publishing is giving away 15 sets of science books, kits, and other materials! Visit to enter. It only takes a minute! Lucky teachers will win Potato Chip Science, The Bones Book and Skeleton, Pop Bottle Science, and much more. Click here now!

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That should be plenty to feed your need for fun and interesting (not to mention that many are FREE) science materials. And don’t forget—submit a comment to our blog today for your chance to win that book!
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13 thoughts on “Thinking Science? Check Out These Fun Contests and Freebies (Plus Win a Book)!

  1. I am very excited about the Workman package. I love science and the kids do as well! These books look like they would be a lot of fun in the classroom.

  2. Thanks for sharing the science information! I would love to win the book and I also went to check out the workman site! Thanks again!

  3. My husband is impressed with my knowledge of identifying songbirds. It was something that my grandma and my dad passed down to me just in their enjoyment of watching birds on the feeder. I vote for the songbird curriculum.

  4. We love watching the birds visit our feeders, and are looking forward to utlizing the Save the Songbirds matierial to learn more about our colorful little friends!

  5. Pat, if you’re a bird lover be sure to check out Audubon’s Pennies for the Planet activities as well. You and your students will learn about the green jay found in Texas, the American oystercatcher found at the Outer Banks, and many seabirds found in the Arctic. Check it out!

  6. I agree with Suzi – I’d love to see more websites dedicated to children under nine years old. They need lots of visuals and activities to keep them engaged.
    I love the idea of receiving the Arctic Migrations book mentioned above – it looks great!

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