Worth Standing Up For: Win This Book & Start a Discussion With Your Students

Super Manny fights zombie bears and evil cloud monsters. But what happens when a real, live bully turns his wrath on Small One? This story provides plenty to talk about with your students. They’ll find they all have a little bit of Super Manny inside!

What would your superhero name be? Submit a comment to this blog and let us know. One lucky teacher will be randomly chosen to win a copy of Super Manny Stands Up! Share your comment by November 28, 2017. Good luck!

In the meantime, here are some freebies and fun prizes that we think are pretty super:

Want to check math problems in a flash? Check out Photomath, a free app that lets you or your students use a tablet or phone camera to scan math problems and check the answers. Learn more at photomath.net.



Blast off into an amazing science experience by requesting a piece of the NASA space program for your school. Thermal protective tiles, blankets from the space shuttle program, and other space-related items are available free to schools. Get started at the NASA Space Programs Historic Artifacts page, gsaxcess.gov/NASAWel.htm.




You can really save the day with this free app. Educreations helps you to make video tutorials that students and parents can access anytime. Import documents and photos, insert a web page, and more. Try it at educreations.com.

Cosmic Karen, finder of freebies and guru of giveaways, signing off!


PS: Our latest WIN contests are wrapping up. We have 107 prizes; plenty to go around! Enter here: themailbox.com/learning/freebies-and-more.

22 thoughts on “Worth Standing Up For: Win This Book & Start a Discussion With Your Students

  1. I can’t say my real superhero name… so as to protect my identity… But if I had to make a new one, it would probably be Dr. Destiny.

  2. Patty Perseverance because this year is all about hanging in there as I have had to move schools and my new class has been difficult since Kindergarten.

  3. My superhero name would be Mrs. D., Guardian of Sticky Notes … because I kind of have an obsessive-compulsive thing about sticky notes/post-it notes.

  4. Doctor Raymond Suzy. It was nickname given to me by my little Bothers and Sisters. I was named after our family doctor. Whenever they would a cut or scrap i would clean their wounds and put on a band-aid.

  5. Tenderheart!
    The best part of he day is being surrounded by my kids and listening
    to their past evening and mornings. Hugs, encouragement, and giggles are a great way to start the day. Most kids just need someone to sit at their level and listen for a few minutes. Granted we have lots of talks about superheroes, Shopkins, and Paw Patrol. 🙂

  6. I would be the Math Magician ~ Able to solve equations in a single second, fastest fraction simplifier, Able to add multi-digit numbers in a single bound, serious subtraction powers, able to pull fun math lessons out of my hat, and the list goes on…

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