The Value of a Smile

You’ll agree that smiling is contagious, right? I mean, didn’t you smile when you saw this photo? I sure did. I discovered lots of smiling photos on a fellow teacher’s Pinterest board. She maintains a board of smiles: smiling kids, smiling adults, and even smiling animals. I love this idea and intend to create my own “Smile Board.” But I’m getting off track.

I decided to investigate the benefits of smiling after hearing about a teacher who never smiles—never, ever. I was skeptical at first. However when the child’s parents reported that a planned birthday visit didn’t conjure up a single teacher smile, I became a believer. Then I felt sad—really, really sad.

There are so many positive outcomes to smiling. First and foremost for teachers is that smiling makes us more approachable. Kids need that. Smiling also lowers stress and anxiety—it releases those happy chemicals called endorphins. Smiling can strengthen your immune system too, though I’d still get a flu shot!

I’d love to hear about your classroom smile moments and your smile moments with colleagues too.

Sending smiles to all!



5 thoughts on “The Value of a Smile

  1. I smile most of the time. then the students on the sides fot he table, I teach small groups all day, ask about the silver teeth and the gold tooth. That brings the conversation to dental health and the genetics of teeth- I have very soft teeth. I have fillings- silver, broken teeth- the gaps, and a gold crown.

  2. When a teacher, or anyone for that matter, is smiling, we are so much more approachable. It takes the stress and anxiety away for students. They aren’t afraid to ask questions or approach you. It makes the classroom that much more enjoyable. I once had a student ask me, “Mrs., why do you smile so much?” I laughed inside. Sometimes our smiles might be the only one they see all day!

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