The Flying Reindeer Fiasco

When I was little, I was pretty iffy on the whole “Santa and his flying reindeer” thing. My parents never dissuaded me from believing, so I guess I was a natural-born skeptic. To be clear, none of this was due to a lack of imagination on my part—I had plenty of that! But that imagination apparently stopped at reindeer taking off and flying around the night sky. 

So that’s how I ended up getting in trouble with the neighbors.

I felt the need to inform the little girl next door that it was highly unlikely reindeer could actually fly. I remember giving several examples of mammals that don’t spontaneously take to the air one night a year. Her Mom talked to my Mom, telling her that I was ruining the magic of Christmas, and my Mom talked to me, explaining that little Heidi wanted to believe and I shouldn’t mess that up for her. So after that I kept my superior reindeer knowledge to myself. 

Here are two fabulous reindeer-themed printables to use in your classroom—just click on the images to print or download! I’m hoping the offering will help you forget all about this childhood transgression and my subsequent confession via blog.

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