The Bookshelves Are Full!

booksI know that you have a lot of books, magazines, manipulatives, caps, lids, cardboard tubes, and pom-poms, among other things. And it takes up a crazy amount of space. You probably have teacher stuff packed in your classroom, your basement, and in a storage shed. And that is why I want to tell you that the monthly Mailbox online magazine is presented to you in a way that does not stress your already groaning shelves.

Oh, I know. Sometimes online feels so…nebulous. And it took me a while to grasp the beauty of The Mailbox online magazine. But beautiful it is, because

  • You don’t have to throw another thing into your tote bag to drag back and forth.
  • You have a search bar. No more “Where was that apple idea I saw on subtraction?” BAM! There it is!
  • Monthly, y’all. This magazine is monthly, so you get just what you need when you need it.
  • Your issues don’t go away. Do you want to look at your September 2014 issue? Go right ahead!
  • And finally, The Mailbox online magazine isn’t just a magazine. It’s comes with access to our online library of over 30,000 ideas and a toolkit to make name cards, flash cards, bingo games, and other great stuff.

We call all of this wonderfulness The Mailbox Gold!
Click here for a FREE one-week trial!

One thought on “The Bookshelves Are Full!

  1. Can I get the one free week next week? This week is crazy busy and I won’t be able to see how I like it. And yes, I have Mailbox that I have not thrown away even thought I don’t teach first anymore. Question, is there a Mailbox for third grade and is it Common Core aligned?

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