Ten Lesser Known Facts About Michael

Who is Michael? Michael Jackson? Nope. Michael Strahan? Nope. Michael Bolton? Okay, now I’m dating myself. Well, if I really wanted to date myself I could include Michael Nesmith, a member of the pop/rock band The Monkees. But none of these Michaels are the topic of today’s blog. The ten lesser known facts I’ve gathered are about one of the greatest activists of our time, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Let me know which fact most surprises you!

  • Martin’s father officially changed Martin’s name to Martin Luther King Jr. when Martin was six years old. He was born Michael King Jr.

  • At the age of ten, Martin sang with his church choir at the premiere of Gone With The Wind in Atlanta.

  • Martin skipped the ninth and 12th grades in high school and entered college at age 15. (That’s what I call super smart!)

  • Martin earned a  C in a college-level public-speaking course. (That was one tough teacher!)

  • He and his new wife, Coretta, spent their first night as husband and wife at a funeral home owned by an African American.

  • He was shorter than his wife.

  • Martin gave more than 2,500 speeches in his short lifetime.

  • Dr. King won the Noble Peace Prize in 1964.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. was an avid fan of Star Trek. (Who knew?)

Enjoy your day!


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