Tell a Fairy Tale!

princess-869721_960_720February 26 is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day. I don’t know who made up this day, but it’s incredibly annoying that they decided it belongs on a Sunday. This would be a wonderful day to celebrate in the classroom! So I recommend that you make this Friday or the Monday afterward your personal “Tell a Fairy Tale Day”—and The Mailbox is here to help you! Now my favorite fairy tale is The Three Billy Goats Gruff. (I’m going to be wild and crazy here and use “folk tales” interchangeably with “fairy tales.”) So here are my favorite printables from our website, but I know that you might have other favorites. So CLICK HERE for a selection of activities and printables for a variety of fairy tales!goats1




Go here for this printable that helps students distinguish fact from fiction.






Go here for this Three Billy Goats Gruff writing printable.




Go here for patterns in color and black/white to go with the story!goats3goats4





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