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Do you have trouble keeping up with your online passwords? I sure do—or did! I knew not to use the same password for all my accounts so I made up variations. My bugaboo was that I couldn’t remember which variation went with which site.

When a colleague observed me muddling through a string of possible passwords, she shared her strategy. She simply adds the first letter (or last letter) of a location to her password. So, if her password is “ketchup,” her password for The Mailbox is tketchup. This means fketchup goes with Facebook and iketchup goes with Instagram. This I can remember!

What technology tips do y’all have? All tips are welcomed here!



4 thoughts on “Technology Tips

  1. This school year I am trying something new with my prek class and their tech use. I am coding their name tags with a colored dot. Each day will have its own color and that will be their day to use the kindles.
    I am hoping to limit the want to do it. by having them reconize its not their turn today.

  2. I plug all of my passwords/ log-ins into my cellphone into my contacts.I also put my professional development numbers,etc in there that I may need when I go to workshops.This helps me to remember all the important numbers,passwords.etc.

  3. I bought a $1 address book and keep track of my passwords, etc., alphabetically–according to the name of the site.

  4. I bought a cheap small spiral notebook at the dollar store and store my userids & passwords for ALL of my sites. I like the id of alphabetizing them, but I did not do this.

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