Take the Tech Outside

It’s that time of year. Take your students outside for fresh air and supercharged STEM learning! Courtesy of the STEMblog, here are “5 Ways to Take Technology Outdoors.”

1. Mobile Devices – Smartphones and tablets, with their wide array of apps, a camera, and GPS abilities, are great tools for documenting outdoor observations. As a result, it’s easy to direct students to become engaged scientists. For example, you can direct your class to observe wildlife, record weather changes, document schoolyard cleanup, and more.

2. GPS Units – These are great tools for getting students outside. They’re simple, easy to use, and provide lots of creative ways to reinforce math skills such as perimeter, area, distance, and more! They’re also helpful for documenting outdoor observations.

3. Digital Cameras – Capture area wildlife on “film”! Collect evidence for science projects. Present findings with words and images. Cameras always add excitement for students working on projects.

4. Digital Weather Stations – These are small monitoring devices put in place to collect real-time weather data. I’ve always enjoyed mine and am looking to upgrade. But they’re fun and easy, and teachers can utilize the data they provide in many ways. Plus you can connect your weather station to the Internet and share information with the world!

5. Water Quality Monitoring Tools – High-tech tools like electronic probes and infrared thermometers add accuracy and excitement to the process of monitoring water quality in streams, lakes, ponds, and rivers near school. Many towns, cities, and states have group water-monitoring projects you can participate in that can really bring home the lessons of environmental responsibility.

So get out there and have fun! If you have additional suggestions or want to share anecdotes, I invite you to do so in the comments.

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