Stay Sharp! Win an X-ACTO School Pro Pencil Sharpener for Your Classroom

What could be better than a shiny new pencil sharpener? How about one that’s quiet? One that’s heavy duty? One that automatically stops when the pencil is at ideal sharpness?


Sounds perfect! Even better, I have TWO X-ACTO School Pro pencil sharpeners to give away, so tell your friends about this week’s sweepstakes too. Here’s how to enter: Submit a comment to this blog to let us know how a new pencil sharpener will make your life better. (You know it will!) Send it by 11:59 pm EDT on August 22, 2017. Then watch your email to see if you’re one of our lucky winners!

Here are some other goodies I ran across this week to help you and your students stay sharp:

Keeping your own skills sharp is the first step to a great classroom. See what the International Literacy Association has to offer. From the Children’s Choices Reading List to the What’s Hot in Literacy survey to journal articles and the ILA blog, you’ll find lots of inspiration and fresh ideas. Click here.

Get free activities and an interactive book club kit for books by Alane Adams. Check out the Legends of Orkney series, which is a great match for fans of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Click here.

Wikki Stix has lots of extra-special Teacher Appreciation Back-to-School offers for you, including 40% off your order and $2 flat rate shipping. Visit to see the deals.

Go ahead and submit your comment now. Then head on over to Diane’s blog for her fabulous First Friday giveaway. In the meantime I’ll be busily lining up my perfectly sharpened Number 2 pencils….


PS: The latest Learning Magazine sweepstakes are ready for you. Click here. You’ll find more than $2,000 in prizes for teachers.

37 thoughts on “Stay Sharp! Win an X-ACTO School Pro Pencil Sharpener for Your Classroom

  1. It naver fails! One of my students always manages to put something in there that doesn’t belong. :(. REALly! I am always in in need of a backup.

  2. Pencil sharpeners are the most used item in a classroom! They are always breaking! I seem to buy a new one every year!

  3. A new pencil sharpener would mean my aide wouldn’t feel like she has to bring pencils home to sharpen on the weekend!

  4. A new pencil sharpener would save me so much time having the students use the little handheld ones! I always have the question “can I sharpen my pencil?” and it distracts the whole class. This way they could just quietly get up and sharpen their pencil!!

  5. A new pencil sharpener is just what I need!!! At the end of the year in June mine was not working efficiently. So I will have to go purchase one for this school year. But not if I win it!!! ????????????

  6. A new pencil sharpener means my students could sharpen their own pencils instead of me fighting with our fussy current sharpener.

  7. A new pencil sharpener would mean my 300+ students would always have a sharpened pencil to use for their math work in my computer lab.

  8. A new pencil sharpener would make my life so much easier. I take pencils home and sharpen them with my father-in-law’s pencil sharpener that must be 25 years old. It works great but it would be so much easier to just sharpen them at school.

  9. A new pencil sharpener would mean I wouldn’t have to throw away a ton of pencils that the old pencil sharpener has eaten.

  10. A new pencil sharpener would be heaven! It would save me from begging my kids to do it. It would save me from the blisters I get from the constant cranking. Not to mention the lead smears from the shavings you get on your brand new cream pants when you try to rush and sharpen pencils for the class before they arrive, all while sipping coffee, making last minute adjustments to your hair and talking your colleague of the ledge for the day because of a challenging student. Haha if I had this I could sit in my own room, in my own space and sharpen to my hearts content and help me “stay sharp,”

  11. Having a new pencil sharpener will mean nice sharp pencils that aren’t destroyed in the other sharpeners. It will also save time aw students can sharpen pencils ahead of time.

  12. A new sharpener will keep my Kinders from bringing their own sharpeners from home. The little ones are always falling open and making our room messy!

  13. A new pencil would be so awesome to have. The kids would not have to worry about borrowing each other’s sharpeners and then they get lost and then it would save time from going to the little childrens classroom to sharpen pencils and disrupt the class with sharpening. ????

  14. A new sharpener would help since I have broken my knuckles and have an old wall crank sharpener, which makes sharpening pencil near impossible.

  15. Last year, I started a new pencil system with my students. They have a pencil bag with eight pencils. If they have eight pencils, dull or sharp, at the end of the week they get a small prize. After sharpening up to 120 pencils weekly let’s just say I had blisters on top of blisters. This is why I would love to have a pencil sharpener that actually works so I don’t have to default to a manual one. Thanks in advance for always having fun give aways. .

  16. I have old fashioned crank ones that are supposed to suction onto a flat surface but they do not stay suctioned! Drives me nuts. A new fancy sharpener is just what the dr ordered!

  17. A new pencil sharpener would be great to have at our school, because they one in our Elementary After School classroom is so dull that it barely sharpens anything at all!

  18. A pencil sharpener would make my life easier because, as a new teacher, I am worried about how I am going to handle students sharpening pencils with one of the suction type that don’t make it though an entire sharpening. Like, seriously, this is causing me to panic entirely more than it should be.

  19. I teach math to 80 students and a new pencil sharpener would be be amazing. The kids have to share one pencil sharpener that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I buy many of the dollar sharpeners for the kids to use, they do not last long and I am constantly replacing them. This would make my life so much easier and the save the students lots of time. They could be doing math rather than standing in line waiting to sharpen a pencil. Thank You!

  20. This sharpener is on my wish list, but we didn’t have the budget for it! It is my dream come true for helping out little writers!

  21. I would love having a new sharpener. My exacto sharpener has been broken by the custodian, and broken twice by students. My husband has taken it apart and fixed it, gorilla glued it, removed crayons and erasers from it. This might be it’s last year. I don’t know how much more it can stand. A new one will keep our class going without a hitch when my favorite sharpener finally sharpens its very last pencil.

  22. While I am fortunate enough to be moving into a brand new school this fall, the one thing missing from every classroom is a pencil sharpener! I could definitely put this to work!

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