Stay Alert and Don’t Get Hurt

It’s Fire Prevention Week (October 7–13, 2018)!  This year’s theme is “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere.” The National Fire Protection Association reports that at-home fires are resulting in more deaths than in previous decades. Please take time to educate your students about three basic and essential steps (see below) that can reduce the likelihood of having a fire—and how to escape safely in the event of one. (Log onto for a wealth of valuable information.)

LOOK: Look for places fire could start.

LISTEN: Listen for the sound of the smoke alarm.

LEARN: Learn two ways out of every room.

In recognition of this important week, we have some red-hot news to share. For Fire Prevention Week only (October 7–13, 2018) teachers can access for free our online fire-safety ideas and printables for all grade levels using the search term “fire safety.” This does not include ePackets, eBooks, or Lesson Plans on Demand. The free materials include ideas and printables only. Check it out HERE.

Big or small, fire safety is for all,


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