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Does your school have a librarian? Or do you know a librarian whom you would like to recognize?  Then I have a link for you! You see next week, April 9–15, 2017, is National Library Week.  It’s a time to celebrate the contributions of libraries and librarians across the country. As part of this celebration you can nominate a stellar librarian or library worker. It’s easy. CLICK THIS LINK, complete the form and finish the sentence starter. Your comments will appear in the online “Galaxy of Stars” for librarians and library workers. It’s a wonderful way to recognize the valuable contributions these folks make in the learning process!

And while we’re celebrating libraries, librarians, and library workers let’s share favorite childhood memories of library visits. I remember counting the books in my stack to see if perhaps I could select just one more!
Hoping to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “Star Librarians

  1. I’ve always been an avid reader- remembering going to the library and taking out ten or fifteen books at a time and returning them in less than a week.
    I was called : Speed reader Raquel or professor. ????
    I still enjoy reading…

  2. I love to read and the library is still my favorite place to go. I remember counting my books too just to get one more too. I have always taken my kids and now my grandkids to storyhour too. Love the library and if I had to chose another career it would be a librarian

  3. When I was growing up we lived about a block away from our library. I would go every week and get a stack of books to read. to this day I love to read but I need the book in my hand. I am 65 and I cannot imaging not reading every day.

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