Sprinkling Kindness

Last week I was the recipient of an act of kindness from a total stranger. I was totally taken by surprise and even now, days after the experience, I smile. Isn’t that wonderful? In a nutshell, I was waiting in a drive-thru lane. When I arrived at the window to pay and pick up my lunch, I was informed that the driver in the car in front of mine had paid for my meal. The driver simply requested that I “bless another.”

I was extremely grateful for the free meal, but to be honest I’m even more grateful to have experienced this unexpected kindness. I like to think that I have a pretty large heart (like all teachers!), but even so, my heart grew that day. I’d never thought of sharing a bit of unexpected kindness in this way. Now I do!

Have you had a similar experience? Please share!

Kindness is contagious,


7 thoughts on “Sprinkling Kindness

  1. Every Sunday after Church we go to breakfast. Often times there are others members of the church eating at other tables. You never know when someone picks up the tab for you. It has become quite a challenge to get someone else’s bill to pay just because you want to Bless them. It’s a wonderful blessing to receive this treat but more wonderful to bless someone else

  2. I agree that unexpected kindness becomes contagious. i have been in the Starbucks drive-thru and had someone ahead of me pay for my order. It can really improve your outlook on your day.

  3. I have had that happen, but even on a simple level send a random your awesome note to someone in their mailbox at work. I sent this “awesome” video to people off facebook. I loved sending and it is always nice to see people smile.

  4. I am one of those people who love to bless others. I will be inline at Mcdonalds and pay for the person behind me all the time. One time at Tim Hortons, I didnt know what the ladys order behind me was and it didnt matter. It was $24:) I paid it. I paid for the whole office coffee and donuts:) It felt soooooo good to bless some else!!!!

  5. I paid for an order for the person behind me at McDonald’s one afternoon. The lady pulled up beside me, smiled and waved at me. It just so happened to be a person I knew. I smiled all the way home and felt so good about doing this!! I saw her a few weeks later and she came over to thank me. Her son was a former student of mine, and the drink was for him. This was his first drink since being discharged from the hospital. (He was burnt in a car fire.) I still feel so happy that I put a smile on their faces! It is such a great feeling!!

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