Springtime Science! Plus Win a Book About the Planets!

The first day of spring is right around the corner! Where I am, it already looks and feels like spring—and spring makes me think of science. Here’s a fun assortment of science freebies and resources for you to try.

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Let us know which of these freebies and fun offers are your favorites. One lucky teacher will win an out-of-this-world prize: Meet the Planets from Sylvan Dell. This colorful book walks students through the solar system and provides follow-up activities at the end. Submit your comment by midnight EDT on Monday, March 12, 2012, to be entered into our drawing. Good luck! (Update: congratulations to Windy, who is our winner!)

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FREE safety resources! Sign up to receive free posters, publications, and more featuring child safety and fire safety tips, lessons, and news. Join the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Neighborhood Safety Network! Share materials with your students, parents, and colleagues. Sign up today for FREE materials. Click here now!

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Harry’s Big Adventure immerses K-4 students in the sights and sounds of the wonderful world of bugs. Sponsored by Terminix, the site includes a free downloadable curriculum and the opportunity invite a pest control professionals to your classroom. Be sure to check out the Bugopedia too. Click here now!

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Earth Day is coming. Do you have your Pennies for the Planet campaign ready to roll? Click here now to download free resources to teach your students about critical habitats and interesting animals. Every student can contribute, and every penny raised goes directly to helping preserve fragile habitats and the animals that depend on them. Click here now!

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Planning some field trips this spring? Check out what’s new from Field Trip Factory! You’ll find free field trips in your community that are educational and simple to set up. Find out more at www.learning-trips.com!

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Ready for one-stop science? Check out FOSS from Delta Education and Lawrence Hall of Science. With modules for grades K-8 covering earth, physical, and life science, this comprehensive program is designed to truly engage students in science through active learning. Check it out!

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Don’t delay, submit your comment to our blog. You could be our winner!


PS: New contest just unveiled! One hundred lucky teachers will win a copy of Doodlepedia from DK. This interactive coloring doodle book gets kids thinking and learning by placing them right in the action. Sign up now for your chance to win; click here!

23 thoughts on “Springtime Science! Plus Win a Book About the Planets!

  1. Wow great sites. I just completed the consumer products questionaire and hope they send me great information for child safety.
    I entered the DK contest and I am going to check out the terminix company now.
    I love science and these are great resources.

  2. I love the site about bugs… Harry’s Big Adventure. I love to integrate information about insects in all core courses.

  3. These are such great resources! I am a first year teacher, teaching third grade this year, and any free resources or neat interactive sites put a big smile on my face!!!

    Please pick me for the book!!

    Jordan O’Brien

  4. I love love love free resources!! I had heard about FOSS and the kits that they make when I was in my science methods class in college, and it’s true, they have some amazing and engaging stuff!!

  5. I love the Field Trip website! It’s great that there are so many online resources available as well opportunities to go out into the community and the best part is that it’s all FREE! Great for teachers on a budget or teachers, like me, who share a classroom and classroom budget 🙂

  6. Thank you for the wonderful science links! I am thinking about inviting one of those Terminix gentlemen out to my school. I have used FOSS kits before, they are great! I am still collecting Pennies for the Planet!

  7. Oh gosh, this books looks fabulous! I know my kids would love to have it in our science center at school. Hoping I get a bit lucky!

  8. I like the safety link as we can use the posters. The book about the planets looks good as we are studying about the planets. Susan

  9. I’ve used the Field Trip Factory twice, it is nice for a school and home combined project. It was fairly easy to convert to what I wanted.

  10. Field Trip Factory took my second-grade students on a nutritional trip to the local grocery store where the students got to taste-test the healthy options! A great way for children to encourage their parents where to find good-for-you food.

  11. Love the Meet the Planets book. Students would benefit greatly from this wonderful resource. Thank you for your outstanding activities and resources you supply. MAILBOX IS THE GREATEST!!!

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