Spring Is Here—Really!

Hello, spring! The weather may not be cooperating just yet; however, science—and my calendar— tell me spring is here. And like everyone else I know, and I mean everyone I know, I’m ready for a change of season. So today I bring you a super simple springtime craft that can quickly transform a bleak, wintry bulletin board into an adorable springtime display. Simply provide colobird nestrful ovals, brown semicircles, scrap paper, crayons, and glue for making the craft. Title a board “The Best in the Nest” or “We Chirp for Great Work!” and post each youngster’s bird nest with a sample of her work. Baby birds, sunshine, daffodils—what conjures up thoughts of spring in your neck of the woods?

Sending sunny thoughts your way!


2 thoughts on “Spring Is Here—Really!

  1. Cute idea! I was just thinking this morning that is was time to spruce up a “good work” display for Spring. I usually associate daffodils as a first sign of spring. However, this year my daffodils have appeared and gotten burnt with the continued cold weather we are having. I am hoping that Spring like temperatures are just around the corner!

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